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Limited Use Codes | OriginalPlus Palm T3, T5 & LifeDrive DIA Enhanced Keyboard | Pentax Remote


* Ontario DBF/CDI Limited Use Codes

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Edition 43
Desktop v43
Desktop version for your PC, Mac or Linux.
Just using your web browser and No Program To Install!
Can be used online or offline.
Mobile/iPhone version
Designed for the small screen of your smart phone's, PDA's or iPhone's
http://lucodes.ca/m (m for mobile) Can be used online or
offline (instructions here).
iPhone/iPad Offline Web App
iPhone and iPad browser normally does not allow you to
save web pages, making it difficult to access the LU lookup offline.
But by encoding the whole page as a web address link, you can do
exactly that just by saving the bookmark!
and follow the instructions
LUCv41AE.pdb [Legacy format - no longer updated]
Database for Palm's LIST program (which must also be installed).
README file. Check FAQ below if you are upgrading.
LUCv41AEcsv.zip [Legacy format - no longer updated]
Database in csv format; for import into other Palm database programs
Pocket PC or spreadsheet program.
LUCv41AEjf.pdb [Legacy format - no longer updated]
JFile format (4.x or above). JFile5 will convert the file
automatically on initial loading.

Change Log:
Changes: 2022-07-29
New: Abrilada, Yuflyma, Simlandi
Code Change: Hyrimoz

Changes: 2022-04-29
New: Revlimid
New: Riabni, Baqsimi, Atectura Breezhaler, Enerzair Breezhaler, Ilumya
Code Change: NovoRapid
Moved to LU: Lantus
Removed from LU: Nix

Changes: 2021-12-17
New: Beovu, Olumiant
New Codes: Riximyo 616, 617
Code Change: Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa, Vosevi, Zepatier, Maviret
Discontinued Code: 486 (Sovaldi)

Changes 2021-04-05:
New: Amgevita, Hulio, Idacio, Hadlima, Hyrimoz
Note Hyrimoz has similar but different set of codes
Code Change: Brenzys, Erelzi
New: Monoferric, Agrylin, Avsola
Moved to LU: Humalog

Changes 2020-10-25:
New: Envarsus, Xeljanz 10mg
Code Change: Xeljanz 5mg, Truxima, Erelzi

Changes 2020-08-23
New: Ruxience, Riximyo, Keppra 1000mg
New: Clinoleic 20%, Triamcinolone Hexacetonide Inj Susp
Codes removed: Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara

Changes 2020-05-04
New: Xarelto 2.5mg, Vyzulta, Skyrizi, Intuniv XR, Sporanox Oral Sol,
Valcyte Oral Sol, Truxima, Sublocade, Probuphine
New Codes: Valcyte Tab
Discontinued Code: Fibristal 467

Cumulative Changes 2019-11-04:
New: Erelzi, Vosevi, Baraclude, Heptovir, Viread, SMOFlipid,
Taltz, Repatha, Mictoryl Ped, Ciprodex, Campral, Revia, Dysport,
Glatect, Reflexis, Lancora, Brivlera, Zithromax, Maviret, Praluent,
Siliq, Lixiana, Izba, Akynzeo, Xeljanz XR, Trelegy Ellipta, Vancocin
Code Change: Prolia, Aptiom, Fycompa, Vimpat, Aclasta, Daklinza,
Epclusa, Harvoni, Sovaldi, Zepatier, Diflucan, Pentoxifylline, Urso,
Keppra, Inflectra, Cellcept, Erelzi, Fibristal
Code deletion: Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Valtrex, Cytovene

Cumulative Changes 2017-11-30:
New: Simbrinza, Aptiom, Fibristal, Duaklir Genuair, Inflectra,
Inspiolto Respimat, Zaxine, TOBI Podhaler, Cosentyx, Xeljanz,
Sunvepra, Daklinza, Zepatier, Harvoni, Ibavyr, Sovaldi, Epclusa,
Entresto, Brenzys, Neupro
Code Change: Xarelto, Eliquis, Neupogen, Fentanyl, Breo Ellipta,
Eylea, Brilinta
Status change to LU: Keppra, Versed
Palliative care: Phenytoin, Metoclopramide, Furosemide, Dimenhydrinate,
Diazepam, Lorazepam, Buscopan, Scopolamine

Update Aug15: New dose: Innohep
Update Jul15: New: Eylea; New code 462 & revised txt: Lucentis
Update Jun15: New: Anoro Ellipta
Update May15: New: Inspra, Ultibro, Myrbetriq; New Code: Xeloda 461, Botox 460
Update Apr15: New: Ragwitek; New dose: Creon 6; Revised txt: Oralair
Update Mar15: New: Breo Ellipta
Update Nov14: New: Jetrea
Update Sep14: New: Emend Tri-Pack; New Codes: Zofran 454; Changed Code description: Xarelto 444
Update Mar14: New: Oralair
Update Feb14: New: Fycomba
Update Nov13: New Codes: Eliquis 433 434; Aromasin 450
New Edition 42 Updates now use Month-Year instead of letter sequence
Update AY: New: Effient
Update AX: New: Eliquis
Update AW: New: Neupogen
Update AV: New Codes: Xarelto 15/20mg
Update AU: No Change
Update AT: New: Brilinta, Onbrez Breezhaler, Toctino, Toviaz
Update AR: Change to General Benefit: Plavix; New Name: Pradaxa
Update AQ: New: Rapaflo; Code Change Xatral
Update AP: No Change
Update AO: Botox New Code 440; Changed to General Benefit: Flomax CR
Update AN: Lucentis New Code 439
Update AM: New: Suboxone
Update AL: Stelara code description change on weight & dosage
Update AK: Aclasta new code 436
Update AJ: New: Visanne, Xarelto 15/20mg; Change to LU: Xarelto 10mg
Update AI: Move back to LU: Premarin; Code Change: Xeomin
Udpate AG: New:Pradax, Vimpat
Update AF: No Change
Update AE: Delisted: Oxycontin; New: Prolia, Zenhale, Fragmin 7500IU
Update AD: New: Lumigan RC 7.5ml Pk
Update AC: New: Enablex, Trosec, Vesicare; Code Change: Xeloda, Detrol
Update AB: New: Enbrel Sureclick; Changed to General Benefit: Zovirax, Lamictal, Topamax Tab
Update AA: New: Champix Starter Pk; New Code: Temodal; Changed to General Benefit: Arava
Update Z: New: Champix,Zyban,Silkis; New Code:Fludara; Changed to LU:Aranesp,Eprex
Update X: New: Xeomin; Changed to LU: Lucentis
Update W: Advagraf 3mg ER, Tamiflu 30,45mg
Update U: Changed to LU: Humira, Enbrel; New: Stelara, Lumigan RC, Stalevo 75&125; Changed to General Benefit: Neurontin
Update R & S1: New: Azarga, Innohep 2500IU/0.25ml Inj Pref Syr
Update P & Q: New: Relenza, Cosopt-Preservative Free
Update O: New Code: Botox 412,413; Code Change: Xeloda 360
To avoid confusion, the two separate Losec entries/DINs have been merged.
Update K & L:New: Testim, Travatan Z
Update I:New & Change code: Plavix
Update H: New: Advagraf; Prograf 0.5mg; Delisted: Premarin 0.3mg, Premplus
Update E/F/G: Xeloda new code (409); New: DuoTrav, Stalevo
Update A Changes: Humalog & Humalog Mix25 Changed from LU to General Benefit

My simple BMI Calculator is mainly for my own use when doing diabetic flow sheet. It converts metric to/from imperial units, you can also freely mix and match metric/imperial units for weight and height; and it gives you a target weight to achieve BMI of 25. It can be used both on-line and off-line. Give it a spin. It should work on mobile browser as well (same requirement as LU code lookup page). You can follow similar instructions here for offline use.

The Mobile browser version is designed to work better on small screen. Here are some instructions of how to access the page offline. I would also like to hear feedback if it works well on your particular phone, or non-windows mobile device. To ease entry of the URL in mobile device using less keystrokes, I have setup this redirection URL for the mobile version page:



Palm Corner (Legacy)

* OriginalPlus: Enhanced Extended Keyboard & VG for Palm Tungsten T3, T5 & LifeDrive DIA

Numeric Keys and Keypad enhancement in keyboards and virtual graffiti input area. It is installed as a DIA (Dynamic Input Area) skin. However, unlike most other skins, this design retains the original look and it is mainly for functional enhancement. It is provided as freeware.

You need to use a skin manager such as mySkin (T3, T5 & LifeDrive) or T3AgendaBG (T3 only) in order to load and use this keyboard.

Screen capture from Simulator which does not display the BlueTooth icon.
The icon is present when installed in your Palm.

Click to download:






This is provided as a freeware. But if you like it, you may donate to your favourite charity and drop me a note about it :-)

History of Changes:

* Pentax IR Remote database for Palm (Legacy)

NoviiRemote database file for Pentax IR Remote. To download, CLICK HERE


Lawrence Kwan (lawrence@vex.net)

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