Instructions of accessing LU page offline in mobile device

One way of accessing the page offline is to use a javascript web browser which can browse a local file offline.

For Windows Mobile, my HTC comes with Opera Mobile which can do this. As mentioned before, Pocket Explorer would not work, because javascript does not work. Opera Mini can only work online as it depends on Opera's server to decode the page.

My Opera Mobile v8.65 cannot save web page. But the new Opera Mobile v9.5 beta can do just that. So if you have the newest version, you can browse to the web page, and save the page locally; and recall the saved page for offline use.

For Opera Mobile v8.65, you can use ActiveSync to download the page to your Windows Mobile device. First, go to my LU lookup page in your PC:

LU lookup (Mobile version)

Then under "File", select "Save as" or "Save Page as". Choose "Web Page, HTML only", and save the file to your preferred location.

Under ActiveSync, click on "Explore", go to "Windows Mobile Device". You can choose to save it in "My Documents", and this would save the page in your WM device. Or you can go to "Storage Card" -> "My Documents", and this would save the file in the storage card. Open the "My Documents" folder. Then from your PC saved location, "Copy" & "Paste" or Drag & Drop LUPDA.html to the WM's "My Documents" folder.

Open Opera Mobile in your WM device. In the URL location window, type in:

file://localhost/My Documents/LUPDA.html (if you store it in your WM device) or
file://localhost/Storage Card/My Documents/LUPDA.html (if you store it in the storage card)

To save you some typing, if you access this page with your Opera Mobile, tap and hold the address above, and select "Copy Link Address", then paste the URL into the URL box, and click load.
You should now open the LU lookup page. Remember to bookmark it so that you don't need to type the URL every time.

Optionally, you can also set it to load this page when you launch Opera Mobile.
Go to "Menu" -> "Tools" -> "Settings", Click on "Use Current".
This way, the LU Lookup page will be loaded automatically once you launch Opera Mobile.

For Online use, use this redirection URL to save you some typing in your mobile device: