iPhone/iPad Offline Setup

This Only Works for iPhone/iPad!
You need to be online the very first time. Load the pages below; Add bookmarks to Home Screen, and you will then be able to access the page again from the bookmarks even when you are offline or in Airplane Mode!

To Update to the latest version, you MUST add a new bookmark after loading the new version, and delete the old bookmark.

Newer version of Safari does not load the URL properly, so it is now a bit more complicated and we need to use Chrome to copy the URL.
Load this page in Chrome first.

Mobile version:
Tap and HOLD Here in Chrome; select COPY LINK URL; then
Launch Safari, Go to Navigation Bar on top, delete everything there, Paste the link and "Go" to load the page.
Then Tap bottom Share icon, and
Select "Add to Home Screen"

Online iPhone/Smartphone version at
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